A corporate secretary is a senior strategic corporate office role that is vital for every corporation. Its responsibilities include documentation of legal documents and counsel on board and logistic activities.

Hiring a corporate secretary is required by Philippine law. In addition, the corporate secretary must be a Philippine citizen and shall accomplish the following duties on behalf of your company:

Document all the decisions, resolutions, and changes put forth by the Board

Document board meetings

Keep the corporate books up to date

Update the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on any matter or change required to be reported.

What We Offer

A corporate secretary must have a wide knowledge of relevant laws and regulations. Our wide range of business consultants can provide the following services:

Preparation of minutes in meetings of the Board of Directors and Shareholders;

Service of all notices relating to the company;

Documentation and reporting of constitutional changes, changes in the company name, principal address, financial year, increase in capital stock, and related changes.;

Preparation and filing of the company’s General Information Sheet (GIS);

Drafting of simple share transfer documents, reversions of trust, and issuance of shares;

Maintenance of the stock and transfer book (STB);

Certification of corporate acts, countersigning corporate documents or certificates, and preparation of reports or statements as may be required by law or government rules and regulations;

Acting as an inspector at the Election of Directors; and

Other applicable corporate housekeeping services.

Hire a Corporate Secretary for Your Company

Foreign and domestic firms must employ a corporate secretary to maintain smooth managerial governance, record keeping, and board meeting schedules, among other things. A corporate secretary is also required to assist you in prioritizing the company’s internal needs as well as the requirements of government bodies.

Starting a business while dealing with documentation and schedules can be a handful at times. Therefore, hiring a corporate secretary can assist you in looking after essential company activities. If you need help understanding and acquiring corporate secretarial services, you may contact business consulting firms to help you look after your organization.

We process:

Air tickets, hotels, travel /Government File processing

1. 9G Working Visa(1-3Years)

2. 13A / MCL21 TRV Spousal Visa- married to a Filipino citizen

4. Tourist Visa Extension  

5. Alien Employment Permit (AEP) / Special Working Permit (SWP)

6. Inclusion of dependent Spouse and unmarried child

7. Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC)

8. Cancellation /Apply of Alien Employment Permit replacement (loss AEP)

9. Cancellation of CEZA Working Visa (CWV)

10. Cancellation of 9G Working Visa (9G)

11.Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)  SIRV ASRV 

12. Quota Visa SEC13

13. Overstay MR

14. Lifting of Blacklist(BL) and Hold Departure Order (HDO)

15. Order To Leave (OTL)

other Immigration related concern:

Alien Registration

Annual Report (A.R)

ACR I-CARD Issuance

Voluntary Application for ACR I-CARD

Renewal ACR I-CARD

Re-Issuance of ACR I-CARD


Cancellation of ACR I-CARD

Philippine-Born Registration

Certification for Not the Same Person

ACR I-CARD Certification

BI Clearance Certification

Pending Visa Application Certification

Certified True Copy Certification

Travel Records Certification

Certificate of Non-Registration / Registration

Application for Retention / Re-acquisition of Phil. Citizenship

Inclusion of Dependents under R.A. 9225

Recognition as Filipino Citizen

Affirmation of Recognition as Filipino Citizen

Cancellation of Alien Certificate of Registry (ACR)

Special Study Permit

Provisional Work Permit

Special Work Permit – Commercial

Special Work Permit – Artists & Athletes

Joining Filipino Seaman

Signing Off Filipino Seaman

Joining Foreign Seaman

Repatriating Foreign Seaman

Filipino Supernumerary

Foreign Supernumerary

Penalty on Late Filing / Non-Filing of Foreign Seafarer’s Notice of Arrival (Joining Crew)

Administrative Fine Imposed on a Foreign Crew Member if Not Properly Documented

Penalty for Late Filing / Non-Filing of Notice of Departure

Waiver for Exclusion Ground

Downgrading of Visa

Transfer of Admission Status

Amendment / Correction of Admission

Re-Stamping of Visa RA 7919

Re-Stamping of Visa

Failed to Stamp – Encoded

Failed to Stamp – Not Encoded

Interim Extension (Grace Period)

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